Abhi Kunamneni
Sanjay Baskar
Chris Dowdy
Jeffrey Zhou
Coding Academy

About This Course 

Ages: 5th-10th grade

Prepare for CODE-OFF! Students immerse themselves into the digital world by discovering the fascinating power of computer science! Depending on a student’s experience, they can be taught the most basic concepts of coding all the way to advanced Java! Projects will require a laptop.

Classes start July 13 and run for 3 weeks. (Intermediate/Advanced.)

30-minute classes / Wednesday and Friday. 

Second session sign-ups close July 11th

This class will be taught by Abhi, Sanjay, Chris, Jeffrey and Will, all of whom have completed AP Computer Science A and are prominent members or their state level robotics team. You can read more about them, here

Will Kalowsky

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