Abhi Kunamneni

Abhi has completed AP Computer Science . He is also a prominent member of Hazmat Robotics


About This Course 

Ages: 2nd-7th grade


Brought to you by:

Max Boger

Max has completed AP Computer Science Principles and is design lead on Hazmat Robotics.

Welcome to the world of robotics! In this course, students will be introduced to the basics of the robotics - from the design process to actual programming. You will only need a laptop or computer as all the designing and programming will be virtual.

Dates: July 13th-31st

Sign Ups are Closed for the Summer!

Times: Wednesday & Friday / 12:30-1:00 PM 

Alex Hynds

Alex is lead programmer on Hazmat Robotics and has completed AP Computer Science A. Has developed applications for the app store

This class will be taught by Max, Alex, and Abhi all of whom have completed are prominent members or their state level robotics team, Hazmat Robotics Explosives. You can read more about them, here