Jeffrey partakes in FIRST robotics and has done professional robotics and computer science research at the University of Central Florida and Soartech. He has taken AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics.

Jeffrey Zhou

Pavan is the engineering director of his school's robotic team. He has completed AP Biology and AP Chemistry and is currently enrolled in Organic Chemistry. He has worked in labs both in Florida and in India.

Science Fair!

About This Course 

Ages: K-4th grade

Explore fields of science through fun and interactive experiments that you can perform at home! From soap powered boats to flying rings, we’ll be exploring scientific concepts behind everyday life. All experiments can be done using common materials found at home with a new project each week!

Dates: July 13th-24th

Sign Ups are Closed for the Summer!

Times: Tuesday & Thursday / 1:00-1:30 PM 

Pavan Kanumalla

Maneesh  has done medical research and coursework at USF, FSU, Johns Hopkins, and UChicago.  He also competes in the Orange County Ying Expo.  He has completed AP Chemistry, AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and will take AP Physics 2 and Organic Chemistry.

*This class will be split by grade level. The upper grades will be taught by Jeffrey and Pavan, and the younger grades will be taught by Asha, Taneesh, and Maneesh. All 5 tutors have completed many college-level science courses such as AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. They have also conducted professional-level research at the University of Central Florida. You can read more about them, here

Maneesh Rajulapati

Taneesh has done professional research on assessing fern biodiversity through DNA barcoding. He has taken AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics.

Taneesh Makkena

Asha does research with a professor at UCF in the Modeling and Simulation Department.

She won 1st place at the district science fair and at the Lockheed Martin Science Competition in the math category. She has taken AP Biology and Chemistry.

Asha Reddy

Abhi has completed AP Biology and AP Chemistry and is a member of National Honor Society. Abhi is also a prominent member of Hazmat Robotics.

Abhi Kunamneni