Jeffrey Zhou

Grade: Freshman at UCLA

Tutoring Math and Coding

Partakes in FIRST robotics and has done professional robotics and computer science research at the University of Central Florida and Soartech

Has taken math up until AP Calculus AB, was lead programmer on Hazmat Robotics and is taking AP Computer Science A. Was 19th in the county for competitive math and an intern at Orlando Math Circle

Abhiram Kunamneni

Grade: Freshman at University of Michigan

Tutoring Math and Science

Partakes in FIRST Robotics and is a lead engineer on Hazmat Robotics. Is a 2-year member of his school's varsity volleyball team.

Has taken AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics 1. Has taken math up to AP Calculus AB.

Asha Reddy

Grade: 11th

Tutoring Math and English

President and founder of her school’s Young at Heart Club, which organizes performances at nursing homes. Does research with a professor at UCF in the Modeling and Simulation Department.

Has won 1st place at the district science fair and at the Lockheed Martin Science Competition in the math category. Has taken Honors English courses and math up to Pre-calculus Honors.

Anushka Jadubans

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Math and English

Currently secretary of her school’s Ecology Club ,Vice President of National Honor Society and a member in Key Club. Dedicates her time towards maintaining excellent grades and extracurricular activities.

Has taken consecutive Pre-IB English courses and is currently enrolled in IB Math Analysis & Approaches and IB English.

Chun Hei Wu

Grade: 11th

Tutoring Math and Social Studies

Is the secretary of Asian Culture Club, a member of Battle of the Books, chorus officers and Roots and Shoots in her school. Fluent in 3 languages: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese

Has taken Algebra 1 & Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors and currently taking Pre-Calculus Honors. Has mastered Algebra 1 EOC with a perfect 5. Has also taken AP World History, Modern and mastered it with a 4 on the AP exam. Currently taking AP US history and AP Psychology.

Maliha Mokammel

Grade: 10th

Tutoring Math and Biology

Enjoys learning new languages and interested in economics and medicine, founder and president of speech and debate club in their high school. Fluent in 3 languages: Bangla, English, and Hindi.

Has taken biology, geometry, algebra 1 and 2 and AP courses, and currently enrolled in IB.

Emily Rodriguez

Grade: 11th

Tutoring: Grammar and Math

Commits her time on maintaining excellent grades and being involved in her school and community. She is currently participating in more than 5 of her school’s clubs including the MCJROTC program, treasurer for her High School’s Best Buddies chapter, and as a Communication Coordinator for the IB Student Advisory Board.

Has taken a few AP classes. Is on the second year of Pre-IB and is planning on moving forward with the IB program until senior year, along with attaining the IB diploma.

Janyzha Key

Grade: 11th

Tutoring: Math and History

Is currently one of the founders of the Dance Team, in Roots and Shoots, and Best Buddies. Volunteers at the Osceola Library and has the Top 10 highest GPA from the class of 2023.

Has taken Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and is now enrolled in IB Math Analysis and Approaches as a Pre-IB sophomore.

Destiny Peters

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: Math

Member of National Honors Society, Beta Club, and is Historian of Key Club. Volunteers at animal shelters, Give kids the world, clubs, and various organizations.

Straight A Dual enrollment student that has taken Algebra 1, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, and is currently taking College Algebra.

Julio Martinez

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Math

Is a member of the National Honors Society, Math Honors Society, and Ecology Club. Does Cross-Country and currently takes guitar lessons and yoga classes. He enjoys staying physically and nutritionally healthy and favorites classic rock music.

Has taken Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, IB Analysis and Approaches, and is currently taking AP calculus as well as IB Physics

Willy Gonzalez Campa

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Math

Is a member of the Ecology Club and the MEC club and is currently playing the baritone in the School's Marching band .

Has taken and passed Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, IB Analysis and Approaches, and is currently taking AP Calculus. Has taken IB French 1-4 and can speak Spanish.

Khiara Burgos

Grade: 10th

Tutoring Math

is a member of the math national honors society. Enjoy drawing and currently new to track.

Has taken geometry, English and algebra 1

Gerald Gaibort

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Math

Is a member of the National Math Honor Society and Key Club. 1-year member of his school’s football team. Has taken AP Human Geography and is currently taking AP U.S. History, AP Macroeconomics ,and AP Government & Politics. Currently on the 2nd year of Pre- IB and plans on continuing with the IB program until graduation.

Has taken Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, and currently taking IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation.

Pavan Kanumalla

Grade: Freshman at UT Austin

Tutoring Geography and Science

Partakes in First Robotics as engineering director. Also is a nationally ranked Congressional debater.

Has taken math up to AP Calculus AB, AP Biology and 2 years of Chemistry. Has experience working with Oncologists and Laboratory Nurses, and is a two-time champion of his school Geography Bee.

Anne Fang

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Science and Math

Is the president and founder of her school’s Another Chance Club which fundraises for kids with Leukemia. She has also won multiple national Scholastic Art awards.

Partakes in nanotechnology research at the University of Central Florida, and has taken AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and math courses up to Pre-Calculus Honors

Eglis Castaneda

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Chemistry and Math

Is a member of the National Math Honor Society, French National Honor Society, and the National Honor Society. Has also maintained a 4.0 unweighted and a 4.56 weighted GPA.

Has taken IB Math Analysis & Approaches, Pre-IB french, and is currently enrolled in IB Chemistry and IB French.

Ronan Virmani

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Science and Math

Participates in clubs such as Mu Alpha Theta, BPA, and game development. Has also gone to states for HOSA

Has taken AP computer science, science up to chemistry honors, and math up to precalculus honors, and AP statistics.

Melissa Talerand

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Science and Math

Has taken math honor classes up to IB Math Analysis & Approaches. Has also taken AP Environmental science, AP Psychology, Human Anatomy and Physiology honors, Pre-IB chemistry, and is currently enrolled in IB Biology.

Is a member of the National Honors Society, Science National Honers Society, Key Club, Beta Club, and Ecology Club. Dedicates her time towards teaching dance at her local church and is also a Sunday school teacher.

Emmy Lin

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Science and Math

Founder of Mind Matters, a mental health awareness/support club. Runs the student Newspaper and is part of National Honor Society. She enjoys psychological research & the culinary arts.

Has taken AP Physics, AP Biology, Pre-Biomedical Science & Pre-Calculus. Currently enrolled in AP Calculus, AP Chemistry & Medical Interventions.

Sadia Syed

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: Science and Math

Dedicates most of her time on photography and nutrition studies. Is a member of the National Honors Society, Roots and Shoots, and Ecology Club.

Has taken Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, as well as Pre-IB science courses. Currently enrolled in IB Applications & Approaches and IB Biology.

Eilidh Disney

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Science and English

Spends free time drawing or dancing and when studying for school is on top of all assignments and is organized.

Has taken a variety of sciences including: Biology, chemistry, physics and anatomy. Currently in IB Chemistry and Physics as well as IB English 3.


Alan Chen

Grade: Freshman at Georgetown

Tutoring: English and History

Plays varsity tennis and enjoys drawing & painting. Has taken AP Studio Art and has won multiple Scholastic drawing awards.

Has taken consecutive Honors English courses and AP Language & Composition, as well as AP Calculus AB and AP Physics. Competes nationally in Congressional Debate.

Sanjay Baskar

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: English and Social Studies

Partakes in FIRST Robotics and is a President of the French Club as well as a member of the French National Honors Society.

Has taken both AP Economic classes, U.S History Honors, and World History Honors. He also has taken up to AP Language and Composition.

Linna Lu

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: English and Math (and Art)

Plays on her high school's Varsity Water Polo team. Is a member of the National Honors Society and National Math Honors Society. Has also won multiple national Scholastic Art awards.

Has taken consecutive English Honors and Pre-IB English courses, as well as IB Math Analysis & Approaches.

Samantha Daniel

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: English and Math

Partakes in Photography and has completed Adobe Photoshop,Indesign,and Illustrator certification. Has been part of a worship team as a lead vocal since December 2018.

Has completed Pre-IB courses and is currently in the first year of IB.Has taken AP Psychology & AP US History and scored a perfect 5 and 4.

Naomi Congreaves


Tutoring Language Arts (grammar)

Founder of Black Student Union at St. Cloud high school

Committed to maintaining a high GPA. Currently taking Spanish 3 honors, Geometry honors, Chemistry honors, and Psychology 1 honors. Has taken AP Anatomy and Psychology in the past. Enrolling in AP English.

Maelisa Gooden

Grade: 11th

Tutoring: English (Reading+ Language Arts), History and Math

Plays the Piano and Guitar. Member of National Art Honor Society. Made the Deans Honors List in the Dual Enrollment program. Enjoys working with children and exploring the culinary arts.

Has completed mathematics up to Pre-Calculus and English up to college level composition. Has completed Civics, AP Human Geography and World History Honors. Currently enrolled in AP US History and AP Calculus AB.

Jannila De Asis

Grade: 12th

Tutoring: Language Arts

Is a member of the Climate Education Committee at the non-profit YCAT, striving to educate the youth about the ongoing climate crisis. Has also volunteered as camp counselor over the summer and partakes in other non-profits like Cancer Kids First. Enjoys art, piano, and singing.

Has completed 3 years of Pre-IB and IB courses. Scored 5s on AP World History, AP Psych, AP Env. Science, and AP U.S. History.

Alexandra Adrien

Grade: 11th

Tutoring: English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

Currently a member of the Center for International Studies Magnet (CIS), Future Business Leaders of America club, and Black Student Union at their high school.

Has successfully completed Algebra 1 Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra II Honors, and Pre-Calculus Honors. Additionally, the student has completed AP Computer Science Principles, AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, AP European History, and AP World History: Modern, along with several other honors-level courses.

Aamena Lalji

Grade: 12th


Is a member of the National Honor Society, American Red Cross Club, and Neuroscience Club. An avid reader and writer. Currently pursuing CNA certification.

Has taken a total of 13 Advanced Placement courses, including English Language & Composition and English Literature.


Max Boger

Grade: 11th

Tutoring History and Math

Member of Mu Alpha Theta (Math society). Partakes in FIRST robotics as a part designer using Autodesk Inventor, jazz band, & was a former member of Speech & Debate. Has completed engineering summer courses at Bryn Mawr and John Hopkins. Mentors the lower school robotics team.

An all-A student who has taken up to Pre-Calculus Advanced Honors, World History Honors and AP United States History.


Taneesh Makkena

Grade: 12th

Tutoring Spanish and Math

Plays varsity soccer for his school and runs Cross Country and Track. Has also done professional research on assessing fern biodiversity through DNA barcoding.

Has taken math up to AP Calculus AB and Spanish 4 Honors, as well as a member of the Spanish Honors Society.

Gabriela Demeglio

Grade: 11th

Tutoring Spanish and Science

Is a member of the Spanish Honors Society, French Honors Society, and her school’s Tech Wizards 4-H Club. Volunteered at Kids in the Country, where she taught Spanish.

Has taken Algebra, Geometry, & Algebra 2, and has scored a perfect 5 on AP Spanish. Currently enrolled in IB Math Analysis and IB Chemistry.

Ana Torres

Grade: 10th

Tutoring Spanish and English

Native Spanish speaker raised in Mexico and has been perfecting Spanish ever since. Currently in Spanish 2 and Honors English classes.

Participates in the swim and water polo teams, helps her community by volunteering at churches to distribute food and. Is in National Beta Club.

Gabriel Figueroa

Grade: 12th

Tutoring French and Math

Is a member of the Math Honors Society and Ecology Club. Has done swim since 2018. Hobbies include playing the guitar.

Has taken Math up to AP Calculus and IB Analysis and Approaches with a score of 5. Has taken IB French 1-4 and is currently taking IB French 5.